Announcement of 2011 Streamers

Mt. Tacoma SAME 2011 Streamers

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Education and Training
  • Relationship and Recognition

What are streamers?

Streamers are a way for individual SAME posts to receive national recognition from SAME for their efforts in a variety of categories. These categories are as follows:

  • Education and Training
  • National Security Program
  • Outreach and Communications
  • Relationships and Recognition
  • Membership
  • Distinguished Post

The use of streamers can be historically be traced back in time. The Romans flew strips of ribbons on their flagstaffs to represent successful campaigns fought. This fostered team spirit and inspired a sense of camaraderie amongst the ranks.

In the United States, the concept of campaign streamers came to prominence in the Civil War when U.S. Army organizations embroidered the names of battles on their organizational colors.

The 183 streamers attached to the U.S. Army Flag staff denote campaigns fought by the Army throughout our nation’s history. Each streamer (2 ¾ inches wide and 4 feet long) is embroidered with the designation of a campaign and the year(s) in which it occurred. The colors derive from the campaign ribbon authorized for service in that particular war.

SAME streamers consist of pins that we attach to our post flag.

How do we get streamers awarded to our post?

Each year, SAME Posts compete for Streamer Awards in recognition of outstanding performance and achievement in the above-listed categories.

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